Hyppolite Nzita Mpongi

Συνέντευξη απο τον Δήμαρχο Μπαρουμπού Κονγκό

Hyppolite Nzita Mpongi - Δήμαρχος Μπαρουμπού Κονγκό

Επιχειρηματικές δραστηριότητες με στόχο την ανάπτυξη

Mister Mayor, Welcomed in Grevena. Please tell, for the reason of your visit.

Thank you all very much for the warm welcoming in the Municipality of Grevena and mainly the Mayor of Grevena, Demosthenes Kouptsidis.

I owe to say that this is the second time where I visit your country in the frame of twinning with the Municipalities of Greece. This is owed in the very good relations between the two countries, of course, but also in the also very good relation of the populations. The Greeks are very dear to us, as their contacts with my compatriots are based on the friendship and on the sincerity. In report to my visit, it is based on two central axes.

Firstly, there are the essential and relative contacts so that bilateral relations are developed between the two countries. And therefore lead to the growth and the prosperity of two countries. These contacts are in the concern of the Mayors; because the mayors are those who come daily in contact with the public in order to improve the quality of life of residents.

Our aim is the transport of know-how but also experiences through this collaboration.

The second reason is the briefing on the foundation of the Congo-Hellenic Chamber. I have the honour to be the Chairman, with Vice-president Mr. Aggelos Vazas, who is the person in charge for Greece.

Our objective is the growth of enterprising activities. My country is found in orbit of development, as well as Greece is. We aim in the most excellent collaboration so that, through the growth, will occur prosperity for the citizens of two countries.

Thank you very much Mister Mayor.

And i you [I] thank you very much.


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